Software description


Maxiecu 2.0 is a modern software. which allows a professional diagnosis of the vehicle. The softwares capabilities are similar to devices used in authorized service diagnostic stations. Intuitive operation software does not require extensive experience in computer diagnostics, and the software has a built-in helper for procedures performed like coding controllers, adaptations injectors, programming keys, burning DPF like.



Selected software features:

       - Read erase errors

       - Read the parameters of current,

       - Read information about the ECU.

       - Tests actuators,

       - Presentation of the current parameter values in the graph,

       - Deleting adaptation,

       - Calibrations components

       - Coding ECU(eg. The light of day, keys, language, etc.)

       - Erase inspection service,

       - Regeneration of the DPF,

       - Coding of injectors,

       - Clear Crash Data (Ford)

       - Read the pin code (Renault)

       - Long coding (VAG).


Read - erase errors DTC

One of the main features of the program is reading fault codes and delete them. So we can easily find a reason not correct engine operation, the system ABS, airbags and other systems in the vehicle.

Fault codes are described in detail in English, Polish, French, German, Romanian, Spanish for at finding the reasons for the error and its repair is very easy.




Before erasing fault codes can be saved in the diagnostic report so that we can always see what, faults were before erasing error codes.




Reading the current parameters

The diagnostic functions the software is not just reading errors, additional important feature is the ability to read current data engine or other systems.

With the reading parameters can check the status of injectors, turbines or proper operation of sensors such as flow sensor, boost, speed, and more.




Parameters can be represented on a chart, or save to a file for later analysis, a useful feature during testing signals that change the value of a high frequency, or when parameters are performed while driving the vehicle.

A sample chart shows the work of the compressor load, as shown by presenting the parameters in the chart, verify proper assembly becomes much simpler, just compare the actual parameter set by the engine control computer.




Actuator Test

An integral function of the diagnosis is to check the operation actuator such as fan cooler, throttle, etc. You are not sure if a component is working correctly and meeting the preconditions component by the controller is not possible, for example. Radiator fan switching on the engine cold, just force the activation of the given component, by the software.




You do not understand the message in the dashboard, you want to enable daytime running lights, change the units from miles to km, customize the new ecu setup in the car, just select the appropriate options in the software and easy way to change the encoding of your ecu.





Often, after replacing a component for example. Throttle EGR valve, steering angle sensor, you must re-learn a new component, the function of adaptation to easily re-adjust the new a component.

Examples of adaptations that can be performed by software.





Information about the ECU

In the tab, you will find information such as serial number of the controller, the vehicles VIN, date of production and many others.




Detailed information on supported models and functions can be found in the section "Software".

Do you want to test the software just download the demo section "Download" and test the ability of the software if the software does not support your brand, you can download the full versions maxiecu, and use general OBD-2 which is free and allow diagnostics of the engine in your car.