To update maxiecu please download the software and execute installation again, the previous version, do not uninstall.

Warning !! When prompted, about the problem of license after installation of the update you must re-enter the license key.

 Warning !! The OBD-2 module is free, for proper operation does not require a license data.

 Warning !! Updates the date of 2016.06.03 require the installation of library VCRedist 2013, an install service pack 3 for windows xp.


Warning !! In the update after March 23, 2017, re-enter the license keys in the registration window.

If you have trouble installing and registering MaxiEcu




Update of: 2018-03-23

      - Partner II
            - Support for the 9HN 1.6 engine
      - Automatic search for drivers for the BSI system, vehicles up to 2005
      - 4008
            - Brake system
            - Adaptations
            - Performance tests
            - System support has been added
            - Driver door module
            - Passenger door module
            - Cruise control
            - Rain / dusk sensor
      - Boxer I / II
            - Support for the airbag system
      - Jumper I / II
            - Support for the airbag system
            - Support for the brake system

      - 300C II
            - support for systems
                  - ABS brake system
                  - Airbag system
                  - Body control module
                  - Parking assistance system
                  - Tire pressure monitoring system
      - 300C
            - Diesel engine
                  - EXL 3.0
                        - Support for injector coding
                        - DPF filter regeneration
                        - Resetting adaptation
                        - Reading the correction of injectors
      - W203
            - Support for door controllers
      - 642 diesel engines
            - Missing tests of actuators have been added
      - The procedure for matching the used / new motor controller after replacement.
      - Support for the Octavia III model
      - EGS automatic gearboxes
      - Resetting the adaptation in the automatic transmission
      - Improvement of stability and optimization of software operation
      - Support for the HONDA brand

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