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The new generation of interfaces introduces wireless connections as standard, each interface is equipped with both WiFi and Bluetooth. And that's just the beginning of changes!

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Bet on a system that keeps up with the news in the moto market. Gain access to updates, comprehensive functionality and a wide range of brands

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This is how idea of mode was born, which, depending on the needs and expectations of the customer, gives the option to choose the modules useful for that particular customer.

User’s account

We have created a special online service to provide effective support for all MaxiEcu Users. After receiving the interface, register the device and activate your account to fully use MaxiEcu’s capabilities.

Check the registration and activation instructions:

After activating your account, you receive access to our website. Your login is always the e-mail address provided for the license.

In case of any difficulties with registering or activating your account – contact the seller or write to

Benefits of active account

  • Access to the software installation file.
  • Fast and effective contact with the distributor and MaxiEcu technical support team.
  • The possibility of extending the license with a new module through online purchases.
  • Access to license data.


The license

Regardless of the software version, the MaxiEcu license is always unlimited in time and without hardware limits. So you don’t have to worry that your access will expire after some time – you have access to the same functionalities even after several years. The license dongle is the interface, so you can easily install the software even on several devices. Find out more about the license.


Short vacation

Our office will be closed from May 1 (Wednesday) to May 3 (Friday). The Sales Department and Technical Department will be available again from May 6, 2024. Order for MaxiEcu 3 licenses and the so-called offer to switch to MaxiEcu 3, which are paid online – will be implemented on an ongoing basis, so after […]

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26 April 2024

MaxiEcu 3_Added new support scope- 2024-03-06

Below is a list of changes that we have added to the previously applicable scope of functionality. Details -> functionality search engine For details, please go to our functionalities search. Alfa Romeo 147 [937] InfotainmentConvergence Blue&Me Marelli InfotainmentConvergence Lauberhorn convergence C1 InfotainmentConvergence Convergence Marelli/Microsoft C3 159 [939] InfotainmentConvergence Blue&Me Marelli InfotainmentConvergence Lauberhorn convergence C1 InfotainmentConvergence […]

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6 March 2024


December 12, 2023 – we are starting the official sale of the completely new MaxiEcu 3 software in a multiplatform version for Windows and Android. MaxiEcu 3 is a new, independent product with different features, functionalities and requirements. To use the MaxiEcu 3 version, you need a 4 GEN or Expert interface (interface with a […]

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8 December 2023


About Us

We started as a team dealing in the distribution and sale of car accessories. From the beginning, we were connected by a passion for motorization, technology and functional solutions. Thanks to them, more than 10 years ago – we decided to create our own product, which could be a good alternative to expensive and advanced service programs as well as for interfaces that give users very little diagnostic possibilities. We can say that we created our products, because we needed them ourselves 🙂 We are pleased that our work has gained recognition of Users, whose opinion is the most important for us in further developing the MaxiEcu project. So thank you for trust and all yours suggestions.








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