As of December 11, 2023, we are ending the sale of extensions (additional brands) for the MaxiEcu 2 version directly through orders on the User’s account in the LICENSES section.
We will generate licenses on that day on an ongoing basis until 23:59.

From December 12, 2023 – if you need a new brand for MaxiEcu 2, please send a request via FORMS on the User’s account with information about the brand you need. In response, we will generate a special link to the order.
Orders for new brands for MaxiEcu 2 will be processed as usual – after the payment has been posted, during the working hours of our Sales Department, i.e. on working days from Monday to Friday, between 7:00 and 15:00.

From December 12, 2023 – orders placed through the User’s account in the LICENSES section will only apply to the sale of extensions (additional brands) to the MaxiEcu 3 software license. The order for a new brand for MaxiEcu 3 will be fulfilled automatically, so after the payment is posted – the new brand will be immediately generated and added to the MaxiEcu 3 license.

We remind you that MaxiEcu 2 and MaxiEcu 3 are two different, independent software products that have different properties, functionalities, hardware and system requirements. Before buying a new brand – check the list of available support range for given vehicle parameters in the function search engine on the website – (above the search engine select the appropriate button with the inscription “MaxiEcu 2” or “MaxiEcu 3” – the active button is in red)

System requirements for MaxiEcu 2: Windows 8 or newer

System requirements for MaxiEcu 3: Windows 10 or newer, 64 bit, Android 8 or newer