Over the last months, the MaxiEcu team has been working intensively on creating a diagnostic interface that would not only have better parameters than the 3rd generation interfaces, but would also enable further software development and access to new diagnostic possibilities. The aim was also to create a product that would be user-friendly in terms of ergonomics and, of course, visually. Collaboration with designers, a lot of brainstorming sessions, tests and debates resulted in the 4th generation interface, which is now officially available for sale.

Externally – it can not be confused with any other equipment available on the market. The design of the housing has even gained legal protection in several dozen countries.

But the interior of the interface is also impressive. We chose electronics that make the quality of operation unrivaled. In addition, we focused on wireless communication technology. The 4th generation has 2in1 options, i.e. Bluetooth and Wifi at the same time.
After a lot of effort, we can proudly say, “We’ve got it!”

We encourage you to read the technical details of the new interface.

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