LOGIN change

EDIT: from April 20, 2021 – we have introduced a new method of logging in to the User’s account. As LOGIN you need to enter the e-mail address that is assigned to the account and license (instead of the interface serial number)

Why did we decide to change?

☑ Convenience and safety
We’ve received reports that you don’t always remember your serial number. Besides, we know that it is easy to make a mistake by entering a sequence of characters in which each symbol has meaning (and sometimes it is easy to confuse the letter “O” with the number “0” 😊).

☑ Habit
Most websites currently offer logging in with an e-mail address and we know that most of you are used to this method.

☑ Additional benefits
Especially for Users who have several interfaces. Now, having several interfaces, you have to log in separately to the account assigned to a given device. After the change – after logging in, a list of your devices will be displayed.
It will also be more advantageous for Users who decide to replace the interface with a newer generation. After the exchange – the serial number of the interface changed, and therefore the login. If the login is an e-mail, even after removing the old interface – login will be unchanged.

The unified login method also gives you more opportunities to introduce further improvements that we are planning. So we hope that you will quickly find out about the advantages of an e-mail address as a login to the User’s account. We will inform you about the introduction of the change 😊

Android application – MAXI327

We present a completely new application – MAXI327 – for car diagnostics in the OBD standard. An application created by the MaxiEcu team – especially for people who want to have access to check basic parameters, fault codes or performance via mobile devices with the Android system. Specially designed, modern cockpits not only provide insight into the necessary data, but also provide the ability to export to a spreadsheet and share the results in a graphical form. Simple, convenient and without any license – the application is free and can be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Important: people who already have a User account on the MaxiEcu website, after downloading the application, should log in by entering the password to their account and the e-mail address assigned to their license.

Ps. The application will be constantly developed by us, we already have plans for further improvements, but any suggestions are most welcome 😊

Christmas-time delivery

When shopping through our online store – you can be sure of a quick delivery 😊 Packages are sent for shipment even several times a day, so – all orders placed during our Sales Department’s working hours is almost immediately ready! However, please remember that the holiday season is an extremely busy period for courier companies. The delivery (especially foreign shipments), may therefore be extended. We kindly recommend not to postpone shopping until the last minute.

MaxiTools app for iOS system

What is the MaxiTools app for?

Thanks to the multiplexer built into the MaxiEcu (MPM-COM) interface, the program allows you to activate the operating mode exactly the same as the ELM 327. You can also choose to change to the VAG-KKL mode and the advanced K-Line mode. Correct modification of the settings in the advanced mode will make no need for any adapters. MaxiTools also has the MaxiEcu interface test function, with which you can check whether the multiplexer is working properly.
See our video on YouTube

Download links:
iOS: App Store
Android: Google Play
Windows: Konto Użytkownika

Note: The program is intended only for MaxiEcu interfaces (the MPM-COM version).
We are always glad to support our Users but we are not able to provide technical support for other software.

New interface for MaxiEcu Users


Offer ended on December 11, 2023.
A new offer for replacing the MPM-COM interface + changing the license from MaxiEcu 2 to MaxiEcu 3 is already available on the account from December 12, 2023.
If you want to replace the MPM-COM interface, but prefer to remain on the MaxiEcu 2 license – contact us via the form in the User account.

Many of our users ask us about the possibility of purchasing a 4th generation interface.. so in response to all e-mails, phone calls and other forms of messages – Especially for MaxiEcu Users – we start a new interface exchange promotion!

When? From today (September 17th, 2020)
Where?  Directly on the User’s Account.

As part of the promotion, you can choose:
Basic Exchange – basic promotional price – order processing – after the payment is credited.
Discounted Exchange – an additional discount for returning the previous generation interface – order processing – after we receive the package with the returned interface and after the payment is credited.

Regardless of the offer:

After exchange:

We provide courier shipments to most countries in the world.

Purchase as part of the promotion is also possible in our store in Gdynia, ul. Fleszarowej-Muskat 7 (open from Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 3:00 pm). .

The terms and conditions of the promotion are available on the User’s Account.

New or old?

We get signals from you that you like our new interface (thank you very much for all the messages and comments). Both the parameters and appearance are impressive, so we are not surprised that users of previous generations of interfaces are considering replacing the good with an even better model.

We are currently offering a promotional interface exchange, but only for domestic shipping. If you live outside Poland – contact us for information on the possibility and costs of shipping.

In case of high interest – we may also consider a purchase options through the User’s account.

Purchase of interfaces


The number of available interfaces is limited. Our warehouses are almost empty, so there is a risk that we will not be able to fulfill your order 🙁
If you want to be sure that the goods are available – contact us: shop@maxiecu.com, tel. 0048 58 676 02 67 (The Sales Department works from Monday to Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.).
BUT NOTE: MPM interfaces will be replaced with a new interface. Soon we will start selling a new product 🙂

VAG and FIAT Group – last days of promotion

As part of promotional packages, we made it possible to sell licenses for the entire VAG group (4 brands: VW / SKODA / AUDI / SEAT) and the FIAT group (3 brands: FIAT / LANCIA / ALFA ROMEO) at the price of 1 brand. These are the last days of the promotion!
From 1 st August – all brands will be available at regular prices. Purchase – possible directly from the User’s account or from our distributors (list on our website in the CONTACT section).

Become an Android application tester

We are starting the official testing stage of our new application for Android devices. If you want to be one of the first who use our test version of application and help us develop it – apply to participate in the tests. Send an email to team@maxiecu.com and provide information that will allow us to verify your application.

To join the tests it is necessary:

– having an email address connected to your Google account

– owning an Android device connected to a Google account

– agreeing to send statistics through the application, which will allow us to check the correctness of its operation

Important information about the test version of the application:

– use is only possible on 1 device at a time

– only OBD II connection will be supported (petrol engines: from 1996 – USA, from 2000 – Europe; diesel engines: from 1997 – USA, from 2003 – Europe)

– incorrect simulated data may be displayed (these are 😊 tests). Please do not take any action based on the data read from the trial version!


Since the ELM 327 interface was created, hundreds of programs and applications for OBD II engine diagnostics have appeared on the market. So if you want to check other software, test a new application or just want to try something different for basic diagnostics, you can use our program MaxiTools.

What does MaxiTools do?

Thanks to the multiplexer built into the MaxiEcu interface (MPM-COM), the program allows you to enter the operation mode exactly the same as the ELM 327 device. You can also change MaxiEcu interface to the VAG-KKL mode and the K-Line advanced mode. Correct modification of the settings in the advanced mode will cause that no adapters will be needed any more. MaxiTools also has a MaxiEcu interface test function with which you can check whether the multiplexer is working properly.

It will not be a mistake if we write that so far no interface (not counting those typically passthru) did not give such options!

MaxiTools is available for both Windows and Android
Simple operation
No fees – can be downloaded completely free of charge from the MaxiEcu User account

See our video material on YouTube

The MaxiTools program is now available on the User’s Account
The application is also on Google Play

Note: The program is intended only for MaxiEcu interfaces (the MPM-COM version).
We can not provide technical support related to the use of other software.