The current version of the software is already available for download in the “Download” tab on the Customer Account at

In the new version we have made several changes which are visible already after launching the software:
we have applied a new background color,
we have added option to change the font color,
we have changed the main menu, more specifically – we have simplified it – all icons of Graph have disappeared and will be visible when you choose the Graph functionality.

Diagnostic reports – you can enable this function – just click Settings and then Reports. Here, you can choose where reports should be automatically saved after each completed diagnosis, and what type of report you want:
– Parameters (xml) – report containing registered parameters,
reading of the report in a spreadsheet. e.g. Excel,
– Faults (pdf) – report containing registered faults, reading the report in the .pdf format.

To make our data visible in the report, complete User data.
If you want to complete your profile, click: Settings and then User data. Such a completed report is a ready-made document, which can be, for example, provided to a client using your diagnostic services.

We have also introduced the possibility of copying the license data on the Customer Account to the software – you don’t need to rewrite the license registration key anymore.

We have also introduced a simplified configuration procedure for connecting Wifi interfaces. Now all you have to do is select “Local network” and click OK.
By the way, for a reminder:

→ configuration is in Settings and then choose Connection Settings.

→ the interface during installation shouldn’t be connected to the computer

→ to start the diagnostics: 1. Connect the interface to the computer, 2. Launch the program, 3. Connect the interface to the vehicle.

We also added 2 new modules: the Japanese brand Isuzu brand and the British automotive company Morris Garages.

As usual, we improved our software of new functionalities that you have asked us for. If you want to get know more specific details – check attached file.

We hope that you will like all changes. So test it, check it and do successfully diagnose of your car.

Team MaxiEcu