Apparently, the holiday climate was favorable to us and as a result of that we can present you the changed version of the software. Of course, it is available to download for MaxiEcu Users on their individual Client Account at

This time, we focused primarily on increasing the functionality for individual modules. If you are interested in details of changes – check the attached file.
Additional possibilities have been implemented for 12 brands. One of the biggest changes for each many of you have asked usand certainly awaited changes is adding support for the Volvo brand. The extension for the Volvo module is available for purchase already -our main distributor shop online:

We also would like to thank all MaxiEcu Users who submit their observations to us – thanks to your vigilance, we can constantly improve our software and improve your work comfort.
Those who have not found us on fb yet – visit our fanpage:
Ps. Do you know that you can select current parameters using the space bar? Just navigate through the list of parameters with the arrow keys ↑ ↓, and the parameter that we are interested in is confirmed with a space bar (unchecked by pressing the space bar again). This is additional information for those who do not like to click with the mouse ?

Team MaxiEcu