We get signals from you that you like our new interface (thank you very much for all the messages and comments). Both the parameters and appearance are impressive, so we are not surprised that users of previous generations of interfaces are considering replacing the good with an even better model.

We are currently offering a promotional interface exchange, but only for domestic shipping. If you live outside Poland – contact us for information on the possibility and costs of shipping.

  • Write to us at shop@maxiecu.com – enter the serial number of the old interface, the e-mail address assigned to the license and the data for shipping the new interface (country, address + phone number for the courier). In response, you will receive information on costs.
  • If you are decided to buy – pay for the order.
  • After the payment is booked – we will make the shipment. We will also remove the old interface from your User account, add the number of the new interface and generate a new license for you. Of course, all brands on your account will be kept. After all, you will receive an e-mail informing you that your account details have changed. So you will have to do a license update, which we have already described here: CLICK

In case of high interest – we may also consider a purchase options through the User’s account.