4 GEN or Expert interface? Or as you prefer – Batman or Ironman?
The best answer is: “it depends…” 🙂
First of all, what do you use interfaces for? What and how many cars do you diagnose and in what circumstances/environment?

The new Expert interface (called Ironman) – has been designed mainly as a device for professionals who professionally deal with diagnostics, have contact with many vehicles and most of their work takes place in a workshop environment. Of course, 4 GEN will also work in the workshop, but still – Expert in this case will have an advantage.

However, if you use the interface privately, on your car / friends’ car, you do not plan to diagnose many brands and trucks every day, then we recommend 4th GEN (called Batman).

So it’s not that one is better than the other. Both have advantages for different Users.
We hope that the comparison below will help you decide – which interface will have more advantages for you?


4 gen has only a wireless connection (wifi + bluetooth), so there are no wires or connectors for it. Expert additionally has a USB connection, which gives us the advantage that we can use it in circumstances where we do not have coverage or simply prefer “via cable”.
Expert has an additional function of an audible alarm that starts after the connection is ended if we do not unplug the interface from the socket. This option was invented as a result of the stories of our Users who wrote that they left the interface in the customer’s car or sold the car with the interface inside 🙂


In the case of a license for MaxiEcu 2.0 – both interfaces provide the same scope of support as the one in the search engine on our website: https://maxiecu.com/en/products/functionality-search/

The differences will appear when we add support for trucks – only Expert has the ability to connect to the 24V system and support for the J1939 protocol.

Expert has also been designed to introduce additional functionalities based on the latest protocols.

We are already in the process of introducing the Pass Thru standard (in short – Pass Thru enables, among others, access to data directly from the car manufacturer, and thus – there will be many new possibilities, such as downloading current driver software, using manufacturer as a form of factory diagnostics, or obtaining guidance in interpreting error codes).

Work is also in progress on an adapter for Expert that allows communication via the DoIP protocol /Diagnostic communication over Internet Protocol (in short: DoIP is a much faster protocol than the existing ones /CAN, UDS/ found in vehicles equipped with a BUS Ethernet communication line, e.g. the latest models of Renault, BMW, Mercedes, Volvo, VAG Jaguar or Land Rover).

Material/look inside and out

The Expert has an aluminum housing, and the 4th gen. has an ABS housing. Both materials are characterized by high durability, but aluminum will be more resistant to falls, shocks, dirt or access to dust or moisture. That’s why Expert – will work great in workshop conditions, where, let’s be honest – there can be a specific “microclimate” 🙂
However, in terms of general appearance – the design of the 4th gen is so unique and distinguishes it from other devices that I have nothing to write about … Not without reason – the 4th gen has received the certification of a protected industrial design.

The inside has changed a bit too. For example, a different version of the antenna that allows you to get a greater range of wireless connection or other multiplexers that have better security (e.g. in the case of changing the pins in the diagnostic connector pseudo anti-theft protection). Without getting bored with detailed data of electronic components, but thanks to them, Expert will certainly process even a large amount of data very well (faster).

Now important information for 4 GEN Users:

No need to replace anything..:) Our 4th GEN interface is the optimal option that includes support for current standards.

But – if you have an even older interface in the MPM-COM version – we sincerely encourage you to consider the exchange offer for 4 GEN (exchange offer in the LICENSES tab in the User’s account).