If you have problems during the diagnosis and you will contact us – we will most likely ask you to send LOG operation files. It may seems diffucult at first, but trust us – it isn’t. That’s why in this post we want to explain what these logs are and, of course, how to create them.

What does LOG mean?
LOG is a function in the MaxiECU software that allows you to register the process of creating an event log during communication with the vehicle controller.
Thanks to this, all information appearing during the diagnostic process is recorded, which the MaxiEcu user can see on the screen of a computer or tablet.

What’s LOG for?
First of all, thanks for it the MaxiEcu technical team can help the User with any problems. If the log received, our specialists have the opportunity to verify the operation of the software, check communication with the vehicle controller, evaluate the correctness of the read parameters, adaptation, coding.
If something find out incorrect, they can implement appropriate solutions.

How to turn on LOG?
The LOG function is activated by the icon with the sign LOG, in the top menu. After clicking, you will be asked to choose where the LOG file can be saved on your device.
If the sign color on the icon is yellow – the function is active.

After you’ve started the LOG function, it’s necessary to do all actions in which you noticed errors.

LOG and autoscaning function

You should:
🔴 select the model and year of the vehicle (DO NOT select the system!), then select the engine controller from the list,
🔴 turn on LOG function (icon LOG) and indicate where the file should be saved (the icon should be in yellow),
🔴 turn on automatic scanning (icon in the shape of a magnifying glass).

Note: “Release of resources” when disconnecting from the controller may take much longer than during the normal diagnostic process. Creating a log requires patience sometimes, so don’t turn off the software at this time.

What isn’t a LOG file for us?
Any reports, diagnostic protocols or recordings from the diagnostic process is not the same as LOG file.
The connection and disconnection with the controller, when the LOG function is active, also wouldn’t be enough for us – the process should be carried out until you notice the errors. There is only one exception – when your problem is just the connection with the controller – in that situationa the short connection with turn on LOG is enough to diagnose the problem.

How send LOG file?
You must log in to your User account  (login via the MY ACCOUNT button on the website www.maxiecu.com) and complete the application form “Problems with MaxiEcu diagnostics”. In the form please provide information about the vehicle (brand, model, year, capacity, type of fuel, engine code if you know it – otherwise please enter the VIN). Describe the problems and attach the created LOG files to form.

The form will be sent to our specialists, who will analyze the file.
We try to answer as soon as possible, but some cases may require additional consultation, so please be patient ?

LOG files can be created always and could depends any problems or difficulties that you will notice. By sending us a notification you help us improve and develop MaxiECU ?

Best regards,
MaxiEcu team

Ps. See how to create a LOG file from a whole vehicle scan on our YouTube channel ⬇