It also applies to the situation of: changing the e-mail address or changing the User name on the MaxiEcu account

The modular program design of MaxiEcu is one of the features that distinguishes us in the market. Thanks to that solution users are able to expand the program like they want and need. For example – you have Ford in your garage and Ford as MaxiEcu module and you decide to buy new Jeep car – in that situation you could only expand the MaxiEcu program with a Jeep module. You don’t have to buy another sofware. It’s is easy, cheap i fast way.

If you have already bought an additional MaxiEcu module – the new license key will be generated for you. We will enter new key into your Client Account on .
However, to get fully active access to the new brand you should also update the license key data in the software.

How do it?

Step 1 – Download new data

a. log in to your Account in the MaxiEcu Users’ service (logging in to the website via the MY ACCOUNT button on the home page,
b. after logging in, open the LICENSE tab,
c. click on the “COPY” button.
After that step, your data and the new key, have been automatically saved.

Step 2 – Cancel your current data

a. run the MaxiEcu software,
b. connect your interface to the USB port,
c. open the LICENSE tab – first click on the icon with question mark and then click on the icon with key sign,
d. click “Cancel”.
Your data has been deleted at that way. After this operation you will be taken back to the start screen.

Step 3 – Paste the new data

a. – first click on the icon with question mark and then click on the icon with key,
b. click “Paste”.
Your data has been automatically completed and access to the new module is active now.

It is not complicated at all :). The whole process shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Short instructions – also below:


MaxiEcu Team

Ps. Users of the MaxiEcu Module version have also an option of extending their software to the FULL version. To get a trade offer – please contact with us via mail: