The procedure described below applies to the following situations:

  • after adding a new brand (license extension with a new module)
  • after changing the e-mail address
  • after changing user

The modular structure of MaxiEcu is one of the features that distinguishes us in the market. Thanks to the modularity, the MaxiEcu User can expand the software with the brands of his choice – according to his needs and preferences.

You can purchase additional modules directly on your User Account.

After purchasing an additional module (brand) – a new license will be generated for you, which we will assign to the serial number of your interface. After we make changes – you will receive a system e-mail with information about the modification of data on your account. However, in order for the changes to be visible in the software as well – you should perform a simple action that will not take more than a minute .. 🙂

What and how do it?

Step 1 – Be online

Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

Internet connection is necessary for the program to be able to verify the data from your User account.

Step 2 – Launch the MaxiEcu software

Enter the LICENSE section (select the question mark icon and next the key icon) and enter the password.

The password must be the same as the one you use to log into your User Account.

Step 3 – Check for updates

After entering the password, click “Check for updates” and wait for data verification. After a while, you will see a message with the verification result. Confirm with “OK”.

If you have purchased new modules – selected brands will be automatically activated.

Short instructions – also below:


MaxiEcu Team