What is MaxiEcu 2.0 BETA?

This is a test version of the software that includes functionalities not yet available in the official version of MaxiEcu 2.0 or additional corrections reported in the application form.
Access to the BETA version is granted by our Technical Department.

How long should I use the BETA version?

Use BETA only to check new functionalities / corrections introduced for you. For current diagnostics – use the official version of MaxiEcu 2.0. Depending on the access granted – the installer with the BETA version may be active for download for 2 weeks, until the next BETA version is introduced, to a specific BETA version or for a specified period of time. After checking the operation of the BETA version, send us feedback, which will allow us to approve the new functionalities.

How to communicate the results?

Please send feedback via the same form on the User’s account in which access to the BETA version was previously granted. The most effective form is to upload a LOG file. Our technical department will surely let you know what data will be necessary.

What if I did not manage to check the BETA version during the granted access?

Write about this fact to the Technical Department by sending the information via the same form on the User’s account in which the message about granted access to the BETA version was previously sent to you.

Is the BETA version safe?

Yes, the software is security verified. As a trial version, however, it may still contain errors or deficiencies, which will be corrected after receiving feedback from you via the form in the User’s account. Please note that only the official version of the software is the source of reliable diagnostic data.

How to install BETA versions of Maxiecu 2.0?

After receiving access to the BETA version, log in to the User’s account and download the latest MaxiEcu installer (from the DOWNLOAD section).
The installation process is the same as for the standard version. The main difference – during installation, there is an additional option to select the BETA version after entering the login details. So the next steps for the installation:

Welcome window of the installer – after reading the contents, to continue the installation, click the “Next” button.
Login window – enter exactly the same login data (e-mail and password) as for the User’s account and confirm with the “Login” button.
Version selection window – select “BETA version” and click “Next”.

After completing the installation process – a new MaxiEcu Beta shortcut will appear on the desktop and / or Start menu. Only this shortcut will launch the Beta versions.

After starting the software via the MaxiEcu Beta shortcut – select the key icon and log in, enter exactly the same login data (e-mail and password) as for the User’s account.