Today, we would like to describe you three basic steps necessary to start using MaxiEcu:
1- setting up a Customer Account
2- software installation
3- software registration

However, at the beginning, a few organizational words. Our products are available in the offer of independent distributors.
Each of them independently organizes the process of sale.
So, if you have any questions:

– until the creation of the Customer Account  – contact the distributor from whom you have bought MaxiEcu

– after setting up a Customer Account  – contact via the Application Forms available on Your Account. Your distributor will also be responsible for the answer, and we will also provide technical support.

And now, get back to the point:

Step 1

After purchasing the software, the distributor will send You a message with the activation link to the website www.maxiecu.eu. the message will be send to the e-mail address provided by you during purchasing process.
Click on the link and register your Customer Account.

  • If you have any questions – please contact to the distributor directly.
  • The received link is valid for 7 days and it is for use once. If you do not activate your account before this time, please use that link: HERE
  • Creating a Customer Account is necessary to use the software.

Step 2

After logging in to the Customer Account – in the “Download” tab, click
on “Download software” and install the MaxiEcu.

  • In the “Download” tab you will always have access to the current version of the software.
  • Use the “Application form” tab if you would like to send an inquiry or get technical assistance.
  • In the “License” tab you will find data informing about the modules you have and the necessary data for registering the software (see step 3).

Step 3

After installing the software You have to register it.
Log in to your Customer’s Account. Click “Copy” in the License tab.

Connect the interface to the USB port (it is necessary). Run the software and select the icon with the question mark “Help” in the top menu, and then select the icon with the key “License”.

In the pop-up window click – “Paste from Clipboard”. The copied data from the Customer Account will be automatically entered.
Click “OK”.

You can also enter the data for the registration of the software yourself, but remember – enter the data exactly as in the received software license / on the Customer Account – this also applies to the size of the letters.

If it happens that despite the correct data entry an error message appears, take a printscreen or take a picture and send as an attachment via the “Application form” on your Customer Account.

In the case of ELM327 Bluetooth interfaces and interfaces that don’t have the FTDI system:

In the table fill in the data: name, e-mail and click “Copy to clipboard”.
Open Notebook applications on your computer or other text editor such as Word. Paste the copied text into the document, save it and send it as an attachment to the email address: shop@maxiecu.com
In response, you will receive a license with a key. After that, fill in the data: name, e-mail, key and click “OK”.

And that’s it – you can use MaxiEcu ?

Team MaxiEcu