Today, we would like to describe you three basic steps necessary to start using MaxiEcu:

Step 1: – activation of the User Account

After the purchase, you will receive an e-mail with an activation link to your account at the e-mail address you provided.
Click on the link and choose a secure password (minimum 5 characters required).

NOTE: if you have the MaxiEcu interface and you do not have an account yet – send us an application – CLICK

  • Also check if the message with the link has not been received in the SPAM box.
  • The link you receive is ONE-TIME use and valid for 14 days. If you do not activate your account before this time expires – use the ACCOUNT ACTIVATION button: HERE
  • On the Account, you have access to the installation file, application forms for the Technical Department or the distributor and to the store with additional brands. You will also find there the serial number of your interface – the serial number is also the Login to the User’s account.

Step 2: Installing the software

After logging in to the User’s account – in the menu on the left, select the DOWNLOAD section, select the file with the MaxiEcu software and install.

  • In the “Download” tab you will always have access to the current version of the software.
  • A detailed description of the installation can be found in the manual, which is also available in the DOWNLOAD section.

Step 3: License registration

During the installation, you will be asked to enter your serial number and password. The serial number is the unique number of your interface.

This number should be on the white sticker on the interface. You will also find it in your User account – in the LICENSES section. As the password, enter the password with which you log in to the User Account.

After the installation is completed – the program is ready to work.

If you have any difficulties – describe them and send them as an attachment via the “Application Form” on the User Account.

In the case of ELM327 Bluetooth interfaces and interfaces that don’t have the FTDI system:

In the table fill in the data: name, e-mail and click “Copy to clipboard”.
Open Notebook applications on your computer or other text editor such as Word. Paste the copied text into the document, save it and send it as an attachment to the email address: shop@maxiecu.com
In response, you will receive a license with a key. After that, fill in the data: name, e-mail, key and click “OK”.

And that’s all – you can use MaxiEcu 🙂

Team MaxiEcu