The serial number is a unique string of characters consisting of numbers and uppercase letters. It’s also the number identifying the interface to which the software license is connected. This information will be also the fastest way to “track” your application.

The serial number is very important information. Therefore, it is worth knowing where, if necessary, you can find it (or, as some Users prefer – just write it down / remember it well).

1: User Account

After logging in, the serial number is in the LICENSES section. You can also generate a license file (the Generate licenses button) with the serial number and your license data.

2: Sticker

Applies to Users who bought MaxiEcu after November 2017.

The interfaces sold by us and our distributors have a white sticker with the serial number of the interface (on the packaging or directly on the interface).

3: Bluetooth connection 

Applies to – users with the latest generation of MaxiEcu interfaces

Bluetooth: in Windows, go to “Settings” -> “Devices” -> “Add Bluetooth or other devices” -> “Bluetooth”. The computer should search for the interface and display its name (serial number).

Wifi: After connecting the interface to the power supply, the interface broadcasts the Wifi network which has the serial number of the interface in the name.

4: MaxiEcu base

If there is no sticker on your interface, you do not have access to the software or your User Account and you have a previous generation interface – contact us by e-mail: It is necessary to write a message from the e-mail address that was given to the software license or to send a scan of the license received or the purchase confirmation.

All the best for You all,
MaxiEcu Team