If you are already a MaxiEcu User and want to use our diagnostic software from a different brand than the one you have purchased, you can easily extend the scope of your license.
The purchase of a new module (license extension) is possible directly from your User Account – in the LICENSES section.
Before purchasing, please check the functionality search engine on our website to check the scope of support available for selected vehicle parameters. The license is a digital product, in accordance with legal regulations – subject to a limited right of return.

NOTE for MaxiEcu 2 software users:

From December 12, 2023 – it’s possible to purchase an extension with a new brand only for the MaxiEcu 3 version of the program.
Before purchasing the extension, check in advance the options for transferring all your licenses to the MaxiEcu 3 version.
e.g. You have 10 brands under the MaxiEcu version 2 software license, you can:
stay with 10 brands in MaxiEcu 2
take advantage of the offer to transfer to MaxiEcu 3; you will have 10 brands in MaxiEcu 2 and 10 brands in MaxiEcu 3
stay with 10 brands in MaxiEcu 2 and buy 1 brand in MaxiEcu 1; you will have 10 brands in MaxiEcu 2 and 1 brand in MaxiEcu 3

NOTE for Users with the MPM-COM version of the interface

From 2020 – MPM-COM interfaces have been withdrawn from sale. Technically, these interfaces cannot support current standards.
If you want to purchase a new brand in MaxiEcu 3 or simply start using MaxiEcu 3 – see the offer to purchase the 4GEN interface in the User account.


After purchase, your Account will be updated with the new license and you will receive an automatic message informing you about the change in data.
If you have any questions – we are available on business days from Monday to Friday: shop@maxiecu.com, tel. 58 676 02 67

If you have any questions – we will be glad to answer. Our office is open from Monday to Friday: shop@maxiecu.com, phone: 0048 58 676 02 67

Best Regards,
Team MaxiEcu