The FTDI number is a unique 8-digit number (digit and capital letters).

If you contact us – in most topics – we will always ask you – what is your FTDI number. This information will allow us to give quickly and efficiently answers or resolve problems. Thanks to FTDI, the interface can be also a key unlocking the MaxiEcu software,. For some time now – the FTDI number is also a login to the Client Account on the website.
As you can see, its usability is quite wide. So it is important to know where you can find it. Below we write some elementary and usefull tips.

Method 1.

• Client Account – all you need to do is log in to your Account. All necessary information, including FTDI number, you will find in the LICENSES tab.

Method No. 2.

• License data in the software – if you have already downloaded the MaxiEcu software, you can check the FTDI number in the LICENSE tab, steps:

a. connect your interface to the USB port (even if you have a bluetooth or WiFi version)
b. wait for the green LED on the interface,
c. run the MaxiEcu software,
d. open the LICENSE tab (first click the question mark icon and then the wrench icon),
e. next to the inscription “License associated with the USB interface based on FTDI” – an 8-digit string will appear – this is the FTDI number of the interface.

Method No. 3

Please note: Applies – only for registered users.
• Software startup window – after launching the MaxiEcu software, you will see a start window appears – you can read there the software version and also your unique FTDI number.

Method No. 4. 

Please note: Applies only for MaxiEcu users who made a purchase after November 2017.
• Identification sticker – check the box in which you received the interface – a barcode sticker with FTDI number is placed on one of its sides. The same sticker is also on the back of the box.

• License – you should get a licenses from the distributor. On that document you also can find the field with FTDI number.

Method No. 5.

• If you received your MaxiEcu kit before November 2017 and you currently have no access to the software or to your Client Account – please contact us by email:
It is necessary to send a message from the email address which is also provided in the software license.

All the best for You all,
MaxiEcu Team