Bet on a system that keeps up with the news in the moto market. Gain access to updates, comprehensive functionality and a wide range of brands


This is how idea of mode was born, which, depending on the needs and expectations of the customer, gives the option to choose the modules useful for that particular customer.


Customer service

We have created a special online service with an individual Account for MaxiEcu Users. You will receive a link to activate your Account after the purchase.

Set a secure password and log in by:
My account

If you have not managed to activate your account before the validity of the received link – activate the account yourself:

In case of any difficulties, please contact the distributor with whom you made the purchase.

Benefits of active account

  • Access to the latest updates and beta versions of the software.
  • Fast and effective contact with the distributor and MaxiEcu technical support team.
  • An option to conveniently copy license data to the software.
  • The possibility of extending the license with a new module through online purchases.


The software

The MaxiEcu software has been present on the European market for over 10 years. Professional diagnostics, workshop owners, etc. – all appreciate advanced diagnostic capabilities. Private users – they glad for a easy and intuitiveness using. Thanks to the modular design MaxiEcu is a tool that allows anyone to flexibly extend licenses with new brands – economical and smart solution – profit for you!


Update – 2020-1-22

The latest version of the MaxiEcu software is already available on your user account. The update includes support for models, new features as well as optimizations for existing options. We encourage you to read the full list of changes: Audi A1 (8X) Gearbox Gearbox – 0AM (KW2000) Support for adaptation A2 (8Z) Instrument System support […]

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22 January 2020

Windows system – changes for XP

Our software is evolving all the time, so we need the right environment 😊 That is why we decided that from January 2020, the MaxiEcu software updates will be intended only for newer Windows systems – support for the Windows XP operating system will be terminated. Unfortunately, the XP system has very limited capabilities that […]

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9 December 2019

Perfect present

Are you looking for a Christmas present? We encourage you to visit our online store. The offer includes diagnostic sets for passenger cars, delivery vans (LCV), LPG installations, as well as paint thickness gauges and MaxiEcu gadgets for everyone! Products from our store are recommended by Santa Claus 😉🎄🎁

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2 December 2019


About Us

We started as a team dealing in the distribution and sale of car accessories. From the beginning, we were connected by a passion for motorization, technology and functional solutions. Thanks to them, more than 10 years ago – we decided to create our own product, which could be a good alternative to expensive and advanced service programs as well as for interfaces that give users very little diagnostic possibilities. We can say that we created our products, because we needed them ourselves 🙂 We are pleased that our work has gained recognition of Users, whose opinion is the most important for us in further developing the MaxiEcu project. So thank you for trust and all yours suggestions.








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