EDIT: from April 20, 2021 – we have introduced a new method of logging in to the User’s account. As LOGIN you need to enter the e-mail address that is assigned to the account and license (instead of the interface serial number)

Why did we decide to change?

☑ Convenience and safety
We’ve received reports that you don’t always remember your serial number. Besides, we know that it is easy to make a mistake by entering a sequence of characters in which each symbol has meaning (and sometimes it is easy to confuse the letter “O” with the number “0” 😊).

☑ Habit
Most websites currently offer logging in with an e-mail address and we know that most of you are used to this method.

☑ Additional benefits
Especially for Users who have several interfaces. Now, having several interfaces, you have to log in separately to the account assigned to a given device. After the change – after logging in, a list of your devices will be displayed.
It will also be more advantageous for Users who decide to replace the interface with a newer generation. After the exchange – the serial number of the interface changed, and therefore the login. If the login is an e-mail, even after removing the old interface – login will be unchanged.

The unified login method also gives you more opportunities to introduce further improvements that we are planning. So we hope that you will quickly find out about the advantages of an e-mail address as a login to the User’s account. We will inform you about the introduction of the change 😊