Since the ELM 327 interface was created, hundreds of programs and applications for OBD II engine diagnostics have appeared on the market. So if you want to check other software, test a new application or just want to try something different for basic diagnostics, you can use our program MaxiTools.

What does MaxiTools do?

Thanks to the multiplexer built into the MaxiEcu interface (MPM-COM), the program allows you to enter the operation mode exactly the same as the ELM 327 device. You can also change MaxiEcu interface to the VAG-KKL mode and the K-Line advanced mode. Correct modification of the settings in the advanced mode will cause that no adapters will be needed any more. MaxiTools also has a MaxiEcu interface test function with which you can check whether the multiplexer is working properly.

It will not be a mistake if we write that so far no interface (not counting those typically passthru) did not give such options!

MaxiTools is available for both Windows and Android
Simple operation
No fees – can be downloaded completely free of charge from the MaxiEcu User account

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The MaxiTools program is now available on the User’s Account
The application is also on Google Play

Note: The program is intended only for MaxiEcu interfaces (the MPM-COM version).
We can not provide technical support related to the use of other software.