4th generation

A versatile vehicle diagnostic tool, it is ideal as a daily companion for your car.


Dedicated to professionals, the ruggedized interface, designed to face the hardships of life in the workshop, provides increased communication range.

Do you know,

Why is it worth choosing MaxiEcu?

They are user-friendly

The MaxiEcu software and interface are distinguished by their intuitive design. The are such as easy to use. Simple configuration – without neccecery to read extensive user manuals. You have only a few clicks, from installation, to start of a comprehensive diagnostic session.

Widely compatible

We create our software for users using stationary computers as well as for those who have mobile phones, laptops or tablets. We support devices with Windows and Android systems (current, detailed system requirements can be found in the product description in our store).

Modular construction

MaxiEcu 3 offers a wide range of support for over 60 car brands. You decide what scope of license you want – you can choose the FULL version with access to 43 brands, choose the ASIA, EUROPE, USA package or a single brand in the MODULE version, and if you want – add additional brands at any time.

Original software

By choosing MaxiEcu, you become the owner of legal and safe software. Together with the set, you receive a proof of purchase and a license, which is an effective guarantee of a reliable source of origin. Additionally – as a registered User, you have access to technical support and promotions in our online store.


All our interfaces are covered by a 24-month warranty. If you need service support after this time, you can also count on our help. Additionally – through the User Account, we provide assistance at every stage of diagnostics with MaxiEcu.


Basic functions of maxiecu

DTC Codes

This function allows you to read faults codes recorded during the work of the vehicle’s electronic systems. Using it, you can easily find a reason for the irregularity by yourself, in quick way. You can also clarify the location of the fault. An effective diagnosis definitely will reduced risk of costfull and prolonged repairs. The codes received in MaxiEcu are described, so there is no need to have professional knowledge to interpret them. Before erasing, you can also save the faults in the diagnostic report in .pdf format, thanks to which you will gain an overview of the fault history.

Live parameters

This option in MaxiEcu allows you to view many parameters in real time. At the same time, you can observe all parameters, obtaining their detailed values. Without additional tools or a need to open the hood, you are able to work out the technical details of the vehicle and find any irregularities in the operation of the system. The obtained parameter values are presented in a clear and comprehensible way. The data can also be automatically saved to a report that you can read in a spreadsheet.


Graphs give us enable to make a visualization of the working of many parameters. Graphical presentation of the value is especially beneficial if you want to verify signals changing at a high frequency. Analysis as a graph is also possible while driving the vehicle, so you have the opportunity to directly observe the operation of selected parameters. Graphs have also undoubted advantage, that thanks to them, checking the correct operation of the subassembly becomes simple and clear.


The basic and inseparable function during cars diagnostics. Thanks to which you can check whether a given component is working properly. The MaxiEcu software, using Tests, enables elements to be activated and checked – even if the controller doesn’t meet the conditions for the component to be switched on. The software forces switching on of a given component and thanks to this you can, for example, check the operation of the radiator fan even on a cold engine.


Function recommended for professionals. It’s use may require advanced knowledge, although using it with MaxiEcu is easy and legible. Adaptations could brings many benefits and allows us a regulation of many vehicle components, according to the user’s preferences. Few samples of use the function: DPF soot combustion, throttle adaptation, idle speed adjustment or reset the change oil indicator lamp.


If you are interested in changing the control unit settings, the coding is dedicated function in MaxiEcu to this. The codings are used to enable or disable specific functions. Thanks for it you can flexibly adjust options to specific equipment or vehicle model, eg change airbag configuration, adjust the windshield wipers’ work, change the language in the dashboard or coding the settings of daytime running lamps.

Automatic vehicle scan

A convenient and very easy to use function that allows you to get a quick analysis of the current state of the vehicle. After using Automatic vehicle scan, you get a full picture with the result of diagnostics of all systems displayed in the list for the selected car model. This software option allows also to simultaneous, automatic errasing of registered faults during scanning. In the end you can generate the diagnostic report which will show entire done process.

Drivers information

If you want to know the detailed control unit data and get the opportunity to view information about the diagnosed system – use the Identification function. This option will allow you to obtain detailed information about the ECU, eg the date of production, the date of the last visit at the service, engine code, part numbers or equipment versions. These data will allow you, for example, to order spare parts according to control unit data, identify the presence of specific equipment parts in the car you intend to buy or to verify the correct component selection.

Special Functions

Special Functions are available for selected models. Special Functions require an active Internet connection and are subject to an additional fee. Purchasing Special Functions is only possible if you have an active license for a given brand (for which modelsSpecial Functions are available). The list of active Special Functions along with the price list is visible in the User’s account. After selecting the vehicle parameters, Special Functions are also marked as a separate category in the functionality search engine.