There is more than just look

The first feature of 4th gen, MaxiEcu interface is a completely different appearance. Futurustic design is not only one change. We also totally improved the inside parameters The other changes are even more interesting!

Even more possibilities!

See what we changed

Electronic multiplexer

Fully electronic multiplexer, with 13 double data bus lines, thanks to which communication with the drivers in the vehicle is stable, effective and without unnecessary delays!

Wireless connections as standard

The future is wireless. This is the reason why we have opted for modern and more convenient Bluetooth and Wifi technology. Our interfaces have both built-in wireless connectivity solutions. This is the end of cumbersome USB cables.

10x faster processor*

We have equipped the new interfaces with modern Xtensa® Dual-core 32 bit processors, which allow for even more demanding service activities on vehicle controllers.

* compared to the previous generation of MaxiEcu interfaces

Robust ABS housing

Strong, durable ABS housing protects the interface against mechanical damage and shocks. It is also an effective protection against moisture, operating fluids, dust or large temperature fluctuations.

Support for new protocols

The next generation of interfaces is ready to support a wider range of communication protocols. It’s very important because we can develop our software and support, and you get more extensive diagnostic possibilities in new vehicles.

Technical parameters

Below is a PDF file with the full technical specification of the interface.



Target audience:
An optimal and efficiency solution for workshops and car diagnostics specialist who prefer modern and effective tools.

Range of the license:
42 modules – all available in our offer brand’s.

Additional benefits:
Users of Full version can count on a free or promotional license extension (if we add a new modules). A proven partner for professionals.


Single Module

Target audience:
Option for individual users – car owners and diagnosticians specializing in particular brands.

Range of the license:
User selects the number of modules himself from the all brands available in the offer.

Additional benefits:
You can extend your licenses with additional modules at any time. You have ale the possibility of extending your license to the full version on promotional terms. A reliable tool for each car owner.

MaxiEcu Set

The set includes:

  • 4th generation interface
  • Original software
  • Free updates
  • License for several devices with no time limits
  • Access to the User’s account
  • Technical support
  • Possibility to extend the license with new brands