Is my language supported in MaxiEcu?

    MaxiEcu is software sold in many countries, so we try to improve our product also with new language versions. Currently, MaxiEcu software has basic support in several languages (English, French, Chinese, German, Czech, Romanian, Italian, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Slovak, Turkish). We will also continue to work on adding translations.

    How can I check if MaxiEcu supports my vehicle?

    The range of available functions depends on the parameters of the vehicle. You can easily check everything in the function finder on our website (HERE). If you have any doubts – contact us at and write what kind of car you have (including VIN number) and what diagnostic function you are interested in.

    Do you ship abroad?

    We work with many courier companies, so we also ship our products abroad. You can check the delivery price after adding the product to the cart and selecting the country of delivery from the list. If the selected country does not yet have a price list – contact us via – we will check and provide you with information about the possibility of shipping.

    How will I get access to the user account?

    If you purchased a kit with a licensed brand(s).
    The account is created by the seller from whom you ordered the interface. When you create an account, you will receive an automatic e-mail notification informing you that the seller has correctly reported your data. Then, when you receive the shipment with the interface, you only need to authenticate your data by registering the interface and activating the User account. It’s very simple – just enter the interface number on the website: and then complete your data (e-mail, name, selected password). The next step is to receive an e-mail with an activation link. You click on the link and the account is active, you can log in.
    Please note – e-mail notifications from our server may be received by some mailboxes as SPAM. So if, for example, the e-mail with the activation link does not appear in your inbox – check your SPAM box as well.
    You will also find detailed instructions on the box of our interfaces (QR code: first steps with MaxiEcu), as well as in the entry on our blog – Authorization process – User account registration.

    I can’t log into my account

    Check that you are entering correct data. In the first window, enter LOGIN – the e-mail address assigned to your account. In the second window, enter your PASSWORD, which you can reset using the “Forgot password” button. In case of problems – you can contact us via In the message, be sure to include the serial number of the interface or attach a document with a license.

    How to download the software?

    The latest software installer is always available on the User’s account in the “Download” section
    MaxiEcu 3 app – can be found in the Google Play Store

    Where can I find the manual?

    The manual is available in the User’s account in the “Download” section. You can also find useful information in the posts on our >BLOG<.

    How can I buy licenses for another brand?

    Adding a license for a new brand is possible directly through the User’s account. Online purchase options can be found after logging in to your account in the “Licenses” section.
    Important: From December 12, 2023 – it’s possible to purchase additional brands only for the latest version of the MaxiEcu 3 software.
    Before purchasing – check the scope of available support for selected vehicle parameters in the function search on our website or consult our Technical Department.

    When will my new license be active?

    We generate license keys right after the payment is posted. We strive to make your purchase available to you as soon as possible. But we generate keys only during the working hours of our Sales Department – from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (Monday-Friday). Orders paid after 3 p.m., during the weekend or on public holidays are immediately processed on the next business day.

    The new brand is not active in the software.

    If the new, purchased brand is already visible in your account, but in the software it is still highlighted in light gray – log out and log in again in the software/application. If the problem persists – make sure it has an active Internet connection.

    I think my interface is not working. What to do?

    First, contact the Technical Department via the request forms in your User account. Our specialists will help determine the possible cause of the difficulty (often it is a settings issue that can be solved remotely). However, if the suspected interface damage is confirmed, you can count on our service. Through the form in the User’s account, you will receive address data for sending the interface.
    In case of damage covered by the warranty (the manufacturer’s warranty is for 2 years), we will repair or replace it free of charge.
    In the event of damage that is not covered by the warranty or is beyond the warranty period, we will inform you about the quote for our service before repair or replacement.

    I bought a second interface. Can you copy the licenses from the first interface to it?

    According to the license terms of our software – the license is permanently assigned to a given interface (the interface is a software dongle). This means that each device (interface) must have its own separate license. If you bought a second interface – it is not possible to copy the brands that you have assigned to the first interface to it. The only exception is the situation in which brands are rewritten (copied) following the recommendation of our website, e.g. replacement of a damaged interface. However, the condition is the physical return of the damaged interface to the address indicated by the service.

    I lost / it has been stolen / I don’t know where my interface is. Can I get/buy a new one and copy the licenses from the first interface?

    We are very sorry about this situation, but in accordance with the license terms of our software – the license is permanently assigned to a given interface (the interface is the software’s hardware key). This means that each device (interface) must have its own separate license. If you cannot send the interface back to us, unfortunately we cannot copy the license to another one. We can only keep our fingers crossed that the interface will be found or recommend the patent of some of our users who attach a sticker with their contact number to the interfaces.