Our office will be closed from May 1 (Wednesday) to May 3 (Friday). The Sales Department and Technical Department will be available again from May 6, 2024.

Order for MaxiEcu 3 licenses and the so-called offer to switch to MaxiEcu 3, which are paid online – will be implemented on an ongoing basis, so after processing the payment, the selected MaxiEcu 3 license will be generated automatically, without any delays.

Orders for MaxiEcu 3 licenses paid by bank transfer, orders for MaxiEcu 2 licenses and individual orders will be processed after the payment is received – from May 6, 2024.

Order with product shipping – will be processed from May 6, 2024.

We will also respond to all messages, including those sent via submission forms in the User’s account, from May 6, 2024.

We will be back soon with regenerated energy resources