From February 2023, our latest Expert interface is available for sale. “Ironman” among devices for professional use. Strong, aluminum construction will withstand workshop conditions. We have also added electronic components that allow for even greater range of Bluetooth and Wifi connection. For those who prefer a classic wireless connection – the set also includes a USB cable and a durable cable with a stabilizing mount for the OBD socket.
What else? Expert is adapted to work with 24V installations, so as soon as we add support in the software – no problem and no worries about failures, you will be able to connect the interface to the installations in trucks. Expert is also adapted to the remote addition of new protocols.

Information for Users of 4th generation interfaces (the so-called “Batmans”) – don’t worry, you don’t need to replace your interfaces. The 4th generation still remains a great option and, in our opinion, the most optimal variant for private use. Expert was created for professional use, in conditions that are not always conducive to keeping the equipment clean and not exposed to daily durability testing 🙂

However, if you have a 4th generation or even older MPM-COM interface and want to change to the Expert interface – please contact us via the application form in the User’s account – our Sales Department has also prepared an offer for this occasion.

Ps. For all those who have more than once forgotten to disconnect the interface from the socket – Expert also has a special sound signaling reminding you to leave the device plugged into the socket.